Tuesday, May 1, 2012

**Welcome Author CINDY DAVIS**

Author Cindy Davis~~

Author of 'COLD AS ICE'

Genre-Women's fiction




L & L Dreamspell

~~~About The Author~~~

Cindy Davis resides in the green/white/brown, depending on the season, state of New Hampshire, where she spends most of her time at the computer either editing or writing. When she's finally released upon society to autograph her latest book, do a talk, or research the next in the 'Angie Deacon Series.' Heaven help the people she meets. Shutting her up becomes tantamount to stopping a volcano!

Personally, she's addicted to coffee, particularly blueberry flavor, and don't dare anyone get between her and her life-loves Ben & Jerry. Other than that, she's pretty laid back. You'd have to be with eleven kids, and twenty-eight grandchildren.

~~~About The Book~~~

"CLAUDIA IS A SURVIVOR, IN A WORLD AS COLD AS ICE." The drama begins in 1954, find out what's in store for Claudia!

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