Thursday, June 14, 2012



Rachel Lyons blames herself for her father's fatal diving accident. She basically withdraws from the outside world as she works at a foundation office, until she was asked by a museum director for her help with the recovery of a cursed relic from a sunken Chinese merchant ship. Rachel has no intentions of getting involved in anything, until she finds out that her brother was kidnapped. Who kidnapped her brother, and what risk must Rachel take to save him? Will Rachel put her life on the line with drug-dealing gangsters, and will she cooperate with them? What is Rachel's greatest fear, and will she overcome it? How will she handle reliving the nightmare of her father's tragic death? Award-Winning Author Kaylin McFarren delivers an intriguing romantic suspense in a tale of mystery, deception, murder, and much more. This sizzling romantic adventure is not only made for the Big Screen, but will have romantic lovers craving for more! This First book in a series is a gem in itself as the author creates a suspenseful love story that's packed with action, genuine characters, and is rich in history. Kaylin McFarren's expertise in traveling the world to exotic places, combined with her interest in treasure seekers, and her fascination with the under-sea world shines through in her unique writing style. "SEVERED THREADS" is as entertaining as THE BODY GUARD, as thrilling as PRESUMED INNOCENT, and as clever as BASIC INSTINCT. Highly recommended to all romantic suspense lovers!                    

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