Friday, November 30, 2012

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~~~About The Author~~~
Gayle (Evankovich) Hayes received a B.A. in English from Montana State University. Over the next thirty years, she wrote in various forms without publishing anything, except a column for her hometown newspaper. Then at age fifty-four, she enrolled at the University of Montana's college of Technology in Missoula to become a paralegal. She discovered the creative embers were still alive, when she wrote essays for Comp 101. Gayle graduated with high honors, and went to work for the Missoula County Attorney in the Criminal Division. When she retired in 2009, it had again been several years since she wrote creatively. One day, she realized she had waited long enough for an idea worthy of a novel. Gayle was determined to write something, or give up on the dream, once and for all. Suddenly, the characters came to life, and would not let her rest, until she told their story. 

The exhilaration of having written a complete novel was followed by more hard work, querying literary agents, who might represent Gayle to publishers. Half of the forty-five agents queried , responded by saying that they were not the right agent. They encouraged Gayle to keep trying. Instead, she took a stab at self-publishing at Amazon, and was encouraged by the response to Summer Solstice. She set about writing a sequel. Then, she got right to work on the final book of the trilogy. After putting the last novel on hold, while recuperating from surgery and traveling with her husband, Gayle finished it, resolving to take a break and enjoy the Christmas holidays. Instead, she was driven by the need to write 'The Sunset Witness' and did not stop writing it, until it was finished. 

'The Sunset Witness' was a stylistic departure from the first three novels, now unpublished. While she waited for reviews, Gayle wrote 'The Scrimshaw Set.' Then, after two years of intense writing and promoting, Gayle decided to take a break to recharge her creative energy and decide whether stay the course, or chart a new one.

~~~About The Book~~~

'The Sunset Witness' explores unique conflicts between family, friends, and lovers. It's more than suspense and mystery as four strangers with four motives converge on Sunset, Oregon. A young woman, who goes to Sunset to write a novel, joins her friends, but nothing in Sunset is what it appears to be. What secrets are hidden that must be revealed?


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