Tuesday, February 19, 2013




Frank R. Southers delivers a legal thriller that has you hooked in the first few chapters, with a compelling story that leaves you craving for more at the end. The author's expertise as an attorney, who served on the San Antonio Grievance Committee ten years, creates colorful characters in this suspenseful story as they come to life. Through experience, Frank R. Southers has dealt with several different personalities as he represented lawyers, complainants, and witnesses. Book one in this thrilling series, made for the big screen, introduces the reader to Alexandra Jimenez. She is a beautiful Mexican woman, who files a complaint to the Grievance Committee, against Jose P. Quiroz, her court-appointed lawyer. The curtains begin to open as the reader becomes a witness to the evidence presented in the Investigatory Hearings, and you could indeed feel the tension build up as this incredible story unfolds. Alexandra's case is presented with her statement that Jose demanded sex for six months. According to Texas law, her complaint was weak, and he was found innocent. However, Alexandra was determined to never give up, and went on her own mission of gathering evidence from two other women with complaints against Jose. He was the attorney for one woman, during her divorce, and the attorney for another woman as she became a widow. The gripping story becomes more intense as the evidence and investigations are now taken to the Superior Court, before a judge, where Frank R. Southers becomes a Master storyteller. As we approach the bench, we witness the inside scenes of the court system and how it operates, following the complaints from three women, realizing that reality is certainly not 'My Cousin Vinny.' The author highlights the true meaning of discipline, and the golden steps of the entire court process. "THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE" is as intriguing as The Firm, as dramatic as Presumed Innocent, and as entertaining as Disclosure. Highly recommended!


  1. I enjoyed this review, it was thorough and enlightening. I look forward to more reviews from you, thank you!

  2. Thank you Kindly Jeff. A very entertaining author & his expertise in law shines throughout. Enjoyable books as such makes you read it twice as you crave for more. Amazing Talent here & thank you for visiting & commenting!