Saturday, March 30, 2013



Author and poet, Snjezana Marinkovic delivers a heartfelt sequel to 'Born In Sarajevo.' The horrifying war ends in the tragedy of Bosnia. A beautiful European city is destroyed as a young girl becomes a witness and victim of one of the worst mass killings in history. A teenager who only knew about war from movies and video games, but lives through the aftermath of chaos, turmoil, and conflict. At the age of seventeen, a frightened young girl grows-up overnight as she fights for survival when the war ends. However, the devastation of violence continues as one young woman desperately searches for her own identity. How can one begin a new life without security, love, or trust? How does one live with the haunting memories of cruelty, anguish, and loss? Can one forget the nightmares of blood-shed and loneliness as a family is torn apart, while your entire world vanished before your eyes? A young girl remembers those who wanted to overpower as the innocent lost their homes, friends, and family. However, the same young girl finds the road to peace and tranquility through the love and strength of her grandmother, who gave her courage in the battle for survival. Snjezana Marinkovic has learned through experience the true definition of peace, and what it's like to live without it. Through it all, the author never lost compassion and hope. Today, her top priority in a very important goal is to encourage and convey ideas for world-peace. "IF" is a touching memoir that tugs at the heart, is as entertaining as LAND OF FOES, and as emotional as LES MISERABLES. Highly recommended!


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