Sunday, March 31, 2013

**Welcome Back Author/Publisher Charlotte Holley**

**The Bakery Murders:Challenge**
Book 2 of The Actor's Guild Paranormal Mystery Series

~~About The Author~~

Charlotte Holley has an inborn love of all mysteries and the supernatural, and has been reading and writing about the paranormal for more than forty years. A Mass Communications major, she has written and published newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as poems and short stories since receiving her bachelor's degree in 1980. As a beaded jewelry designer, she has also self-published twenty-five pattern collections on CD and in eBook form and has produced over 400 individual original patterns.

Having spent several years as a professional psychic, she has had extensive experience with the spirit world and has observed supernatural dramas that defy all rational explanation. Charlotte uses her expertise and story-telling ability to weave a powerful tale of mystery and horror, of love and deceit and of the overpowering desire of the human nature to make things right. 

~~About The Book~~
Liz Carr and Kim Henson got more than they bargained for when they agreed to move into McCann's Manor and rid the place of spirits. Now death stalks them from all sides as they attempt to unravel all the enigmatic questions surrounding Benjamin McCann and the beautiful house he built...


  1. Thanks, Geri. I'm reposting and sharing. Hope you have a great week, and thanks for all you do for us. Charlotte

  2. You are quite welcome & well-deserved for all of my authors. So much Talent that I work so hard to expose to the public & will Continue doing so. Have a Pleasant week as well. I count my Blessings for the Wonderful authors I have the honor to work with!