Monday, May 6, 2013



It was November in Cassell Springs, and along with the changes in weather, Police Chief Baker and Ian Merryweather prepared themselves for changes on elections at another town meeting that Ian hated attending. Baker usually didn't attend these meetings, while hiding his gun under his jacket, but something made him bring the gun at the last meeting. Who left a threatening note on Baker's desk, and did Baker trust the new town manager? Was Erik bitter at losing the election, and why wasn't Barney there? Was Caleb angry at Baker for bringing Lee to town, and did Erik accuse Baker of rigging the election? Did Baker have a good relationship with his son, and why wasn't Barney accepted to the police academy? The heat begins to rise as much as the tension in a small town, known for Mount Rainier as it attracts the tourists, but discontent among the town's people turns ugly, while a horrifying murder is brewing. Mystery author, Cindy Davis takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of chills and thrills as the suspense becomes intense in a murder-mystery that entertains from beginning to end. Who brutally killed Chief Baker, and what was the motive? Was the anonymous note a warning, and what was a woman doing with Barney's LTD? Did old man Donovan's collie have a reason to growl at the woman, who Baker was helping? Who is a prime suspect of Baker's murder, does Barney survive, and is Ian able to put all the pieces together in the mysterious puzzle as the clock continues to tick at a rapid speed? "MURDER BEYOND REASON" is as compelling as NO WAY OUT, as intriguing as THE FIRM, and as thrilling as DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

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