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Jason Whitney chronicles a delightful tale as it tugs at the heart, while he takes the reader on a fascinating and exciting journey, through the life of a little seed. Along the way, the reader will witness how life began for the tiny seed, and where it was destined to go. One day, the seed fell to the earth, blowing across fields from the strong gusts of wind. It then traveled through a stream, and washed off to shore, finding itself under the shoe of a Shepherd, finally reaching its place in the world. As the seed matured into a stalk of grass, it not only provided comfort for all those who walked by, but also offered warmth to a manger bed for baby Jesus. The author highlights the importance of how we all serve a purpose, while defining the true definition of fate, and destiny. In addition, he reminds us that we must endure trials-and-tribulations on that long road to finding ourselves, and our own special place in the world. The stunning, colorful illustrations bring the meaningful story to life as we follow beautifully written, poetic verse. Young reader's will be interested in the characters, which will encourage them to ask questions, and voice their opinions. This impressive story is perfect for group discussions as well, not just for the holidays, but anytime for enjoyable reading sessions, or quality time. Jason Whitney teaches the young, curious mind about life's challenges, and how they make us stronger, and more confident in serving others. The author portrays that in this lifetime, we get what we give as life offers rewards, after we crossed some bumpy roads. The poetic rhyme adds more spice to this fun-filled, entertaining journey, while the calming story offers peace and tranquility. "THE SEED" is as heartwarming as Miracle On 34th Street, as delightful as Polar Express, and as thought-provoking as It's A Wonderful Life. Highly recommended to teachers, parents, and child-care providers.

Amazon: --Geraldine Ahearn(Author Geri Ahearn)

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