Sunday, September 1, 2013

**Welcome Author CARRIE ATKINS**

~My Next Dance
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

~~About The Author

Carrie was born in Walnut Creek, California, and grew up as a true 'California girl.' With her husband Ben and two daughters, Taylor and Samantha, she moved to Plymouth, Minnesota in 2004. They were soon joined by a third daughter, Morgan. The family fell in love with the North Star state, the changing seasons, the beautiful parks, and all ten-thousand lakes. As the girls reached school age, Carrie was finally able to devote time to her life-long writing passion.

The first product of this effort is MY NEXT DANCE, part one of the story of Becca Cooper. Inspired by a variety of literary influences ranging from Audrey Rose, to Anne of Green Gables, to the Twilight Saga, Carrie integrates these influences with a unique array of personal experiences and mixes in a healthy portion of keen Minnesota and California youth culture observations. Carrie has completed the sequel to MY NEXT DANCE, and plans to release it soon. Please visit:  for more exciting information and photos of the actual places Carrie wrote about.       

~~About The Book~~**MY NEXT DANCE**

Born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, Becca Cooper is a skilled ballet dancer. She struggles with insecurity, her avoid-Caleb plan, accepting her mother's death, a serious fear of ice-skating and a secret that could shatter her life. Plagued by debilitating visions of a ballerina named Cassandra, the seventeen-year-old is forced to face a startling truth as the mystery unravels. This enchanting story alludes to the supernatural, but hits the ground running with so much character, romance, and emotion that the dusting of paranormal activity is only a delicious bonus...


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