Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Star REVIEW~~"BURIED THREADS"~Award-Winning author~Kaylin McFarren


Award-Winning author Kaylin McFarren, delivers an extraordinary, sizzling romantic adventure in book two of the 'Thread series.' The gripping story, packed with suspense, grabs your attention in the first chapter as this golden gem becomes a page-turner.

We followed the footsteps of Rachel Lyons in 'Severed Threads' as she dug her way out of a black hole, filled with problems that became dangerous. As we step into the continuing saga of Rachel's challenging life, we witness mysterious twists-and-turns, while riding a thrilling roller-coaster, through shark-infested waters in a life-threatening situation.

The contract that Rachel and Chase accepted, to recover a lost priceless treasure in the sea of Japan, becomes a deadly mission, where survival becomes the name of the game. Will Japan face total destruction, what happens with the Yakuza members, and who will survive? Will the ancient, cursed swords be recovered and returned, or will Rachel be confronted with 'Mission Impossible?' The clock ticks fast as millions of lives are at risk, while Rachel and Chase attempt to prevent a national disaster. Are Japan's people waiting to live, or are they waiting to die? 

The author pens an exciting, compelling story that has you craving for more at the end. The setting is perfect as the colorful characters entertain throughout. "BURIED THREADS" is as mesmerizing as Disclosure, as scary as The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, and as intense as The Juror. Highly recommended!                                   


  1. Thank you for the awesome review, Geri!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this book. :)

  2. I loved it. In fact, when I enjoy a book that much, I read it twice. This was a fantastic read, especially after reading 'Severed Threads!' Your Talent shines through. Awesome read!