Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Star REVIEW~~"LIGHT ON A DISTANT HILL"~Award-Winning Author~~ B. J. SCOTT


      Award-Winning author B.J. Scott delivers a historical triumph as he defines the true meaning of our American forefathers, the exploitation of native Americans, and the fight for survival in the era of 'the old west.' The author takes the reader to 1876, when a young woman sets out on a mission to meet her future husband. Ellen O'Hara travels from Kansas to become the bride of a military officer, but an unexpected turn of events prevent her from completing her mission, as the group she traveled with was attacked and assaulted by an Indian band.

She was captured by the Shoshone Indians, accepted by the tribe, and falls in love with the Chief. At the age of sixteen, Ellen learns about conflict, cruelty, and injustice. She also learns about love, and hatred in a battle for survival. The author paints a portrait of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most important, this gripping, heartfelt story portrays the horrifying consequences of the indigenous people who lost everything and the courage of one woman, who stood strong until the end.

The colorful characters bring this story to life in a perfect setting as we learn about brutality, savages, and innocent victims. "LIGHT ON A DISTANT HILL" is as intriguing as Besieged, as thrilling as The Courage Of Love, and as entertaining as The Feast Of All Saints. Highly recommended!

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