Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Welcome~~Author HENDRIK VAN OORDT"

Genre: Young Adult Adventure

~~About The Author

      Hendrik Van Oordt is from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is a Commercial and Children's books illustrator. He has published 9 books, and finds inspiration through expressing himself more carefully. He also finds writing an educational process. He has loved reading since childhood, and enjoys fiction, and non-fiction.

~~About The Book

      Shipped off to an aunt and uncle on remote Rew Island, while their parents were moving from their home, the children weren't very happy. Frank, Dana, and Martin are bored to death in a place, without Internet and proper cell phone reception. All the locals ever talk about is their lobster catch.

But, just when our city-bred heroes decide to start boycotting their aunt's fish soup, they heard a story about a mad woman and her son living in Whale House, a Gothic monstrosity perched on an isolated peninsula up north. 

Frank, Dana, and Martin are forced to seek refuge in Whale House, where they discover a terrible secret. After considerable adventures, they come face-to-face with their captors, who cannot afford to let the children escape...

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