Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"STILLWELL:A Haunting On Long Island"~**Bestselling author MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH**


      Michael Phillip Cash delivers a thrilling, entertaining story that is not only made for the big-screen, but is phenomenal in every aspect. I enjoyed this gripping story so much, I had to read twice. "STILLWELL" grabbed my attention in the first chapter, and is indeed one of those books we label as an 'all-nighter.' I was drawn into the story immediately for a few reasons. One reason was that after residing in Long Island 45 years, I found the setting in this riveting story to be picture-perfect. As I read on, I could see the fog, and feel the mist in the cold air, as if I was at the manor. Most important, the author has a gift, which is his unique imagination, capable of drawing the reader in like a magnet as we experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The quality of Michael Phillip Cash's creativity is nothing less than 'impressive.'

      Paul Russo is distraught, depressed, and apprehensive after watching his wife suffer from the horror of a brain tumor for a year, which to him seemed like eternity. He's dealing with mixed emotions, losing the love of his life, who gave him 3 beautiful children, and he has no idea how to pick up the pieces. He's not eating, sleeping, and experiences hallucinations. Paul and his children also have nightmares about evil demons. The first solution Paul comes up with was to return to work as a real- estate agent. Paul then realizes this decision that he thought would give him some kind of peace, actually added more stress to his life. As he learns the history of Stillwell, he discovers that the haunted manor has a link, connecting it to his own family. Can Paul solve the mystery of Hannah and John? Can he put a stop to the torment of a demon, holding his wife's spirit captive? Most important, will he find inner peace, by putting his own demons to rest? Will Paul Russo and his family survive from the emotional turmoil that haunts them?

      Michael Phillip Cash pens an extraordinary, captivating story that brings tears to your eyes as you think about the unconditional love that was lost. In addition, the reader can feel the pain that Paul's wife suffered, the devastation of 3 children losing their mother and the fear of the unknown as Paul attempts to fight the terrifying demon, who holds his wife's spirit hostage. "STILLWELL:A Haunting On Long Island" is powerfully moving, as mysterious as The Sixth Sense, as intense as The Others and as chilling as Stephen King's, 'The Shining.' Highly recommended to all readers, who enjoy suspenseful thrillers that tug at the heart, with a blend of paranormal activity. "STILLWELL" has it all as it entertains, until the final curtain closes!



  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I love it!

  2. You are quite welcome & well-deserved. Praise for your incredible work!

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