Friday, February 7, 2014



      KD Pryor delivers a thrilling, follow-up to 'The Portal's Choice' in The Gatekeepers Of Em'pyrean Series. However, one doesn't have to read book one as 'The Inn Of The Kindred Spirits' can be a remarkable stand-alone.

Tallis Challinor has been forced to walk on many bumpy roads in her life, before solving issues, and learning her own true identity. In this intriguing story, she is invited by her grandfather to join him on a vacation, and was delighted to accompany him. However, Tallis is totally unaware of the new challenges, and scary events that are waiting for her. She doesn't realize that she will face another frightening encounter with mysterious spirits as she has in the past, but will she have the energy and courage to seal up a bunch of ghosts? As she contemplates on her situation, does she smell trouble in the air? Does she find her grandfather and will the only ghostbuster she knows in France, help her to battle the unruly spirits, with power to cause destruction? Will Tallis finally come to terms with who she is? Will romance spice up her life, or is she destined for heartbreak?

The author pens a spellbinding thriller, with terrifying surprises, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. This psychological thriller will make the reader feel as if we witness one of Hitchcock's best. The mysterious twists and turns will bring the reader to a dark, haunting environment, where you could almost feel the frightening paranormal activity. The thrilling story becomes more intense as you read on in this page-turner, the setting fits like a glove, and the colorful characters bring this mystery to life. "THE INN OF THE KINDRED SPIRITS" is haunting, entertaining, and as chilling as 'What Lies Beneath.' Highly recommended to readers who love thrillers, mystery, and paranormal stories, packed with intense suspense!                 

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