Tuesday, March 11, 2014

***5 Star REVIEW~~"TAMING JENNA"~Best-Selling Author CHARLENE RADDON***







      Jenna is one extraordinary woman, who stands out in the crowd, one who fits the description as 'You've Come A Long Way Baby!' She's brave, independent, and tough. After Jenna and her mother were deserted by Jenna's father, she is determined to find him, ready to have him answer all the questions that haunted her for years. However, Jenna is also determined to find a train robber, while she prepares to set out on a mission as a Pinkerton agent. During her journey, while on her man-hunt, she finds Branch McCauley, a hired gun. It turns out that Branch is also searching for the bank robber, and wants to find this criminal as much as Jenna does.

Branch realizes that Jenna is not only filled with courage, but doesn't take too kindly to the opposite sex as they get involved in more-and-more arguments. Jenna is blind at first to the romantic sparks that continue to fly across the room, every time she sets her eyes on Branch. Does Jenna find out about Branch's haunted past? Does Branch find out why Jenna treats him the way she does? Will they both discover hidden secrets, and will Jenna come to terms with her father? Will love bring Jenna and Branch together?

Best-Selling author Charlene Raddon delivers a historical romance with suspenseful twists and turns in an adventure made for the big screen. The setting of the old west is picture-perfect, the intriguing story is filled with hot romance, and the colorful characters bring the story to life. "TAMING JENNA" is seductive, as romantic as Runaway Bride, and as entertaining as Sleepless In Seattle. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy historical romance!

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