Monday, March 10, 2014


Genre: Children

~~"Mia's Quest For Courage" is part of a book series, Journey's Of The Heart Children's eBooks Collection, Rhyming Picture Books for ages 4-8.

**About The Author**

      I was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1970.  I had a beautiful childhood with two brothers, one older , and one younger than me. After high school, I have served two years in the Israeli Military as a commander of new male recruits. After my release, I received a BA in Psychology and Business Administration in the Hebrew University. Following that, I traveled as an exchange student to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I've lived for almost two years. Upon my return, I received my MBA, majoring in Organizational Behavior, and Marketing.

I began working for a sales and service consulting company, where I've worked four years. I started as a consultant, and was promoted until I became a VP. After four years, I left and did a professional retraining to training design. Since then, I've been working as a freelancer, providing training design service to various clients.

I am also a trained healer and teacher in various methods, but right now, I only practice it in my own life. Other than that, I am a single mother of a seven year old girl. I love reading, since I was a little girl, and movies. Also, I enjoy anything creative: knitting; coloring; cooking; and more.

"MIA'S QUEST FOR COURAGE" is my first book, but I am currently working on my second children's book titled "LILY SEEKS BELONGING." In addition, I am also working on a series of self help books that I am writing together with my aunt.

***About The Book**

      Mia is a sweet girl, who is afraid of the dark. Every night, when the shadows and noises come, she tries real hard to find her courage, but ends up at her parents' bed. Her mother sees that, and offers a song, to try to help Mia embrace her fear, and find her courage. What dream did Mia have, and was she able to tap into that courage, along with discovering where the shadows and noises come from?

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