Monday, June 9, 2014


Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction/ Historical Fiction

***About The Author***
      S.R. Mallery has worn various hats in her life. First, a classical, pop singer, composer. She moved onto the professional world of production, and calligraphy. Next, came a long career as an award winning quilt artist, teacher, and an ESL/Reading Instructor.

      Her short stories have been published in Descant 2008; Snowy Egret; Transcendent Visions; The Storyteller; And Down In The Dirt. 'Unexpected Gifts' is her debut novel, currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her Second book, Sewing Can Be Dangerous And Other Small Threads, her collection of short stories, is also available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble as well as other book sites.

***About The Book***
      Can we learn from our ancestral past? Do our relatives behaviors help mold our own? In Unexpected Gifts, that is precisely what happens to Sonia, a confused college student, heading for addictions and forever choosing the wrong man.

      Searching for answers, she begins to read her family's diaries and journals from America's past:The Vietnam War; Woodstock; and Timothy Leary era; Tupperware parties; McCarthyism; and Black Power; The Great Depression; Dance Marathons; And Eleanor Roosevelt; The immigrant experience and the Suffragists. Back-and-forth, the book journeys linking yesteryear with modern life, until finally by understanding her ancestors' hardships and faults, she gains enough clarity to make some right choices.

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