Thursday, August 28, 2014



      Lori Powers lived two different lives, loving her job as a flight attendant, and hating her life as a victim of mental, and physical abuse. As a brave woman, she manages to hide the horrifying trauma of her husband's abuse and blocks it out, while she attempts to focus on her daughter's heart-wrenching suicide, caused by sexual abuse from her father. The guilt that Lori endured, after reading her only child's suicide note, changed her life forever. In the same manner where a loving father and husband takes the law in his own hands in Death Wish, Lori Powers does the same thing every time a domineering, abusive man crosses her path, she re-lives the terrifying trauma of her daughter's death.

      Who killed Dr. Thaddeus Abrams, and will Mika Scott and Detective Jake Roberts find out why? How did Ed Fairchild die, and why did Michael Gates want to punish Lori? What happened when Megan joined Nick Parker on a layover, and how did Lori react? Inspired by famous authors and film, combined with his expertise in Aviation, Cary Allen Stone pens a thrilling Masterpiece, made for the big screen. This captivating, page-turner has you on the edge of your seat as we follow a murder investigation so intense, that we can't turn the pages fast enough. The nail-biting suspense of following "Who's Your Daddy' Serial Killer sends chills up your spine in great anticipation of fitting all the pieces to the mysterious puzzle.

      The author has a gift, the ability to draw his readers right into the crime scene as a witness, where we can see and feel the emotional horror of not only how someone could become a walking time-bomb, but also how bad things can happen to good people. "AFTER THE EVIL" is packed with action as colorful characters bring the chilling story to life in a picture-perfect setting that is as haunting as What Lies Beneath, as impressive as Double-Jeopardy, and as intense as Sleeping With The Enemy. Highly recommended to all mystery lovers, who enjoy thrills and chills, with a blend of intrigue, and romance.



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