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ASIN: 1439203148 (Paperback)

ASIN: B003BNZQRU (eBook)

~~Book 4 in the 'Jake Roberts Series'


***About The Author***
      Cary Allen Stone was born in 1953, began flying in 1972, and received his Bachelor of Arts in 1976. He was hired by his first airline in 1982. Aviation has given him a very unique perspective of life and led to his writing. In 1992, he flew for film director Sir Ridley Scott. It gave him an opportunity to discuss his writing with Sir Scott, who remains a major influence for him. He has written a true crime case study of filicide titled "Through A Mother's Eyes." He has published a cybercrime thriller-"Stealing Atlanta." And he has authored his Jake Roberts Series: After The Evil, Mind Over Murder, and 'After The Goode.'


      In addition to his career in Aviation and writing, he has had a non-speaking character role in a AAA Club advertisement; did voice-over-radio commercials; performed stand-up comedy; and was an extra in a motion picture. He is also a member of the Phoenix Writer's Club, the Arizona Authors Association, and the Desert Sleuths.

***About The Book***STEALING ATLANTA
      BRANDYN WOOD is totally conflicted. He is an airline pilot by day and a cunning, master-manipulator by night. He is the type of bad-guy you actually cheer for. He and his co-conspirators dream of achieving total freedom:SMOOTH the legendary con man; SUMMER the sexy, brilliant PhD; MYSTY the ex-Navy Seal; CRACKHEAD the master machine wizard and VALERI the glam-fence with her friends in the Russian Mafia all take the ride of a lifetime!

      The team decides to go for the big score, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. It isn't just an ordinary bank job-it's the bank job of all time! Their mark is Chairman PORTEND ULYSSES BUFORD. The con begins at the High Museum and continues through the Fox Theatre; Centennial Park; Atlanta International Airport; CNN; and Goth and Fetish clubs. 

      The Federal Reserve Bank's computers are hacked and everyone escapes it to their own independent island Freeland, where there are no extradition laws. The casinos are full of high rollers. The fetish club is packed-worshipping room only. The FBI, CIA, NSA circle the beaches like sharks. Brandon is 'resurrected' from the dead and reunites with a surprised neew girlfriend MAI. The dream is complete. Life is good. It's good to be King!

~~Cover Endorsements

"I enjoyed Stealing Atlanta. A rollicking adventure that is great fun to read. Stone's Stealing Atlanta is an action packed scenario with enough intrigue to satisfy the most demanding reader!"--CLIVE CUSSLER

"Stealing my time! Stone had delivered a taut crime caper full of humor that kept me turning the pages! Can't wait for the next one!"--TIM DORSEY

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