Monday, July 6, 2015


Hello Folks,
                    This is an Important Announcement on my Recent visit to Banner Medical center via 911 ER Call. As many of you are aware, I was in the hospital from June 3rd to June 10th, at which time I had a Malignant Tumor removed from my bladder, a stent placed on my L. Kidney, and 5 blood transfusions. 

      The Tumor left me with Congestive Heart Failure, and severe anemia. I am in PT Therapy at Present, battling the pain from the trauma at which time I keep close contact with my Cardio Dr. & Urologist.   There was a Great Deal of Cancer. However, at the present time, it has Not spread.

      My authors have been Notified of my current Health Status and are aware that I will be RESUMING my regular work routine on Sept. 1st/2015 for the authors I was Promoting, prior to the Emergency.

I'd like to take this time to Thank my authors for their Sincere acts of Kindness & Patience during a time where it's very much needed, which will Never be forgotten.  

~~Many Blessings to ALL, Geri


  1. I'm saddened by your news. Hang in there. I trust you're a fighter.

  2. Geri-kins, what in the world....?! 😱

    I knew it had to be serious for you to step away from the work you love so much. And to hear what you've been enduring, I can only rejoice to hear you're on the road to recovery.

    Geri, your are an amazing woman. A wonderful Mom, friend, worker and supporter for so many of us. And now I add survivor -- but, then you've been that for a long time, too! Whatever was thrown at you, boxing gloves were donned and you'd fight your opponent and turn around offering your knowledge from experience and training with others. Wow!

    Thank you for being my inspiration and I'm honored to be among the many you've helped over the years as a nurse, motivator and dear friend.

    Oh, I wish I was nearby to help as I'm sure many feel the same way. So rather crowd you out, (and taking the liberty to speak for other devoted friends) we'll let you rest and recoup while we flood you with lotsa love, hugs and kisses from near and far.

    I know you're a caregiver by nature and profession, but please, Sis, enjoy others taking good care of you for a change, okay, sweetie? I guess I said enough for all to see, but you deserve the notice.

    You are an amazing woman and friend. So I send my personal hugs, smiles, kisses, lotsa prayers and support. (Did I embarrass you enough? Good!😊)

    Love you, Kiddo.

    Your crazy and cheering friend from the right side of the map, Jo 😊🙌

  3. Thank you very much Jo. Sending Big Hugs to my beautiful Sis & Dear Friend! xo

  4. Geri.
    I'm sad to hear this, but thankful that you remain steadfast and optimistic. Apologies I had been out of touch, school and other obligations, and a very rough couple of years. Know that I am praying for you and your family lady.

  5. Geri, I send you only good thoughts..xoSarah

  6. I hope you are feeling better. You reviewed some of my books years ago and really helped me to promote. Much love, Eve