Sunday, November 2, 2008


By: MJ Allaire Fictional Fantasy Series Book 3 A Delightful, and most extraordinary adventure! In the sequel to The Prisoner, MJ Allaire takes the reader on another spectacular adventure, after the boys reunite in the Yarnie village. As the boys continue their search for the long-lost girls, they get ready for another mission to be guided home safely to the Castle Of Tears, but are totally unaware of the dangers they must confront. Will creatures lurk in the shadows of the lake? Will they ever find the girls? Will they be brave enough to cross the body of water, while searching for Dragon's Tear? If the boys find the amulet, and return it safely to the dragons, will they become victims of bumbling bad guys? I recommend "Dragon's Tear" to all fantasy lovers. This book is an adventure classic from start to finish. It's packed with breathtaking black magic, and a thrilling whirlpool of trials and tribulations the children must endure to survive their mysterious mission. "Dragon's Tear" is as enchanting as "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone." The author presents a triumph of imagination that lights up the pages through this magical adventure. For finishing touches, excitment builds to surprising results as bad-mannered creatures invite their way into the children's desperate journey to safety. "Dragon's Tear" has dazzling effects and shiver-yer-timbers thrills! A delightful, extraordinary adventure! Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Author of 6 books Fonding Member ABI Women's Review Board


  1. Hi Geri,

    Well it sounds like you enjoyed reading Dragon's Tear, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled! Please be patient with me for book 4 though - I've gotten side tracked on another story that I think is more important right now. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

    Kudos and hugs to you my friend, MJ

  2. I sure do know that feeling!
    When you have that Calling on
    a certain Topic, just do it &
    that's that! Besides I know
    u can whip up Book 4 in your series
    with your eyes closed--so..your
    in the Write Direction! I'll just
    patiently wait for Book 4, give u
    Time, then Nag>>LOL! Yes! U need
    me to Nag after so long! LOL!
    Congrats on your Review! Great
    read! A 15 year old girl I know
    also read it! She Loved it!
    SEE what u can Do? Awesome!

  3. Awesome! Did the 15 year old girl read just Dragon's Tear or the other books in the series as well? I love hearing positive feedback ... that's such a big part of why I'm writing ... for the fans! What a GREAT feeling!

    Hugs my friend and as always, THANK YOU!


  4. She read All 3. It so happens
    that she loves Fantasy, especially
    with Dragons & creatures. She is
    a child with Special needs, So I
    was Thrilled this made her smile!
    Should make u smile too!

  5. Wow .. thank you for making my day! I'm glad she liked them, especially knowing she's special needs! I'll definitely get you a copy of book 4 when I finish it!

    Hugs! MJ

  6. To make a difference in a child's
    life that's so fragile, you should
    be so Proud! I mean it!

    It meant alot to this kid! If that
    isn't Inspiration for you, I don't
    know what is!
    XO Hugs, Geri

    PS Every moment of your time
    was Worth it!