Friday, August 28, 2009

*****REVIEW ~BLOOD WEB: A Caitlin Diggs Novel by GARY STARTA

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Inspired by the work of Stephen King, along with Gary Starta's love for science fiction, and concern about the domination of Americans, compelled
the author to pen a follow-up novel to "WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF."
"BLOOD WEB: A Caitlin Diggs Novel" was born a Masterpiece thriller of the
supernatural, reminiscent of THE X-FILES, a popular television series. FBI
Agent Caitlin Diggs, and Shenk are the two main characters. Agent Caitlin
is assigned to a case, involving the investigation of a killer, while searching
for an evil crystal, with controlling powers. Unfortunately, when Agent Caitlin
accepted this police job, it was shortly after Geoffrey was killed. He was not
only her undercover partner, but also the man she loved. With an unstable
mind, ignoring an early retirement request made by her parents and her
haunting determination to seek revenge for the murder of Geoffrey, she
purchased her airline ticket and sets out on her most challenging, dangerous
mission. Shenk is a mentally deranged teenager, who is not only a runaway,
but is also a demented killer. He is possessed by an evil, ancient crystal.
This heart-pounding novel that's packed with electrifying suspense is highly
recommended for all thriller lovers. The pages are covered in blasting
action, while the despicable villains come to life, and the emotional roller-
coaster-ride will leave you on the edge of your seat. The story transforms
into an intense,nail-biting thriller that will send chills up your spine as a
twisted serial killer is hunted down, while the entire nation is at risk.
Does the crystal possess psychic powers upon Agent Diggs, and does she
fall prey to its bloody desires? How many innocent people does Shenk
murder? Does the Right Hand organization find Agent Diggs, or does she
find them? The line drawn between biological life form and mechanical
life form by Gary Starta in a predicted nightmare that technology could
dominate the world is portrayed through charismatic characters, disturbing
violence, and spellbinding drama. In a terrifying race for time, is there a
way out for Agent Diggs? "BLOOD WEB: A Caitlin Diggs Novel" is as
cleverly entertaining as DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, and is as mesmerizing as
THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS with Jodie Foster, and Anthony Hopkins.

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