Thursday, August 27, 2009


Subtitle: "An Inside Look At Retirement In America's Sunbelt"
After living in the Northeast forty-five years, then moving to Arizona, I have
listened to many people voice their opinion on life in the two different worlds.
But no one can describe the comparison better than Len Schritter, a potato farmer
from Idaho, who migrates to sunny Arizona as one of our many winter visitors.
With perfection, he describes how it feels to be snowbound, constantly dreaming
of the warm sun. From blizard-after-blizard, to being a main attraction at the
gulf course in the Southwest. From his chilling bones during raging snowstorms,
to the palm trees at his Las Vegas mini-vacation. He describes his life as a
snowbird with humor, and heartfelt emotion as he tells stories about the two
different lives, and great adventures with all the folks he made friends with in
Arizona. There's never a dull moment for Len and Diana as they remove their
winter coats, and venture out into the wonderment of retirement paradise, while
absorbing the sun. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is retired,
everyone who's contemplating on becoming a snowbird, and to those who enjoy
a heartwarming read, with a blend of humor. The author will guide you to fine
dining in Arizona and Mexico as he describes all the people he met on his
different bus tours, while admiring the Southwest mountains. The reader will hear about all the fuss at bingo drama hall as the saga continues, while learning
about the main topics discussed at the community pool. "THE SECRET LIFE OF
A SNOWBIRD: An Inside Look At Retirement In America's Sunbelt" is as funny
as THE-OUT-OF-TOWNERS, and as entertaining as GRUMPY OLD MEN with
Jack Lemmon, and Walter Matthau.

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