Sunday, January 17, 2010


Through the eyes of Jenna Sinclair, Kristen White explores the life of a mom, who like many women are in search for their own identity, their sole purpose in life. Jenna is a suburban mom, a wife, and a woman who wears many hats. She finds herself trapped in the everyday frustrations in life of trying desperately to please everyone, realizing that she has the answers to care for others, and places herself on the bottom of her list. The author invites the reader to take a journey through Jenna's hilarious lifestyle, packed with drama, and heartfelt emotion. As Jenna struggles through life's commands and demands, before reaching the ultimate brink of insanity,she finds herself, before mid-life crisis attacks in its worst form. Her life has consisted of an addiction to drama, gossip, and complaining. She wakes up one day, realizing that the life she has been living is chaotic and superficial, but that's all about to change, because her wake-up call forces her to make a complete U-turn. I highly recommend this novel to all women, who have walked on the tough road of struggling the responsibilities of raising children, being a good wife, along with fulfilling endless duties on an everyday basis. Too often, Jenna hears the words that many of us have heard over-and-over, from the backseat of your car, are we there yet? What's for dinner, and do I have to eat that? Will we be late? You need to take me here, and pick me up there! What should I wear? Who will help me clean my room? Facing the life she lives, Jenna begins to search for personal rebirth, while setting out on a mission to seek new opportunities, along with gratitude. The pages in this book are covered in excitement as we witness the direction of life's changes for Jenna Sinclair. Jenna once forgot who she was, during a time when she cared about others more than herself, but a delightful awakening leads Jenna on a new path, that will indeed change her entire life.The story is packed with witty humor as it demonstrates how challenging life can be. Kirsten White colors the pages with comical wisdom, and the story is inspiring to all women. "MYSTIC IN A MINIVAN" is as entertaining as ERIN BROCKOVICH, with Julia Roberts.

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