Saturday, May 8, 2010

**Welcome Back Author GAYLE NOBEL**

Author of:     "BREATHE"

Subtitle:          "52 Oxygen-Rich Tools For Loving and Living Well with Autism"

Genre:              Special Needs/Inspirational/Self-help


Gayle Nobel is the coauthor of IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE: Loving and living well with Autism. She holds a BA in Special Education, and directed an intensive home theraphy program for eleven years for her autistic son Kyle, who is now twenty-six. During that time, she trained over one-hundred volunteer therapists and aides in the attitude, she writes and speaks about.

Originally from New York, Gayle is an author, inspirational speaker, and also a sister to a forty-nine year old brother with autism. She lives with her husband and three children in Arizona. Her book BREATHE is for anyone wanting to move beyond the autism cure books. She offers support, inspiration, and hand-on tools in every chapter for living well with life's challenges. To learn more,

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