Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"Legend Of The Last Vikings: Taklamakan" Author/Publisher JOHN HALSTED


Author John Halsted invites the reader to step into an adventure, packed with history, action, and drama. It's the end of the Viking age as the mysterious journey takes us along the silk route into China's notorious desert, where you may enter,but may not leave. A Viking saga introduces us to ancient people, hidden kingdoms, and lost tribes. A place where love blossoms, and danger becomes more intense as the Viking crew continue to travel. I highly recommend "Legend Of The Last Vikings: Taklamakan" to all those who enjoy historical adventures, combined with mystery, and action. As the journey continues across the European steppe, conflict, evil, and battle waits for the diverse crew. What are the Vikings up against, and do they find what they are looking for? Who will survive in a city that's ready to die? Who are the Lang Ren, and do they survive? Does the Viking crew find the answers to their questions, and who will win the battle? The story becomes a Masterpiece that is nothing short of 'a triumph.' The reader will experience an Adrenaline Rush as suspense and unstoppable action explode page-after-page in a world that's filled with romance, greed, and betrayal. Has the final clue to the Viking's quest been uncovered, and what plan do they have for the thieves and criminals? The author created a searing drama of courage in a shattering emotional experience you will never forget. This novel is filled with as much action as THE PATRIOT, and is as dramatic as DANCES WITH WOLVES, with Kevin Costner.

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