Saturday, June 5, 2010



With an incredible imagination, research and experience, Nikolaus Baker penned GODS CHAIN, which made his writing dream come true as he created a Masterpiece. "GODS CHAIN" is a series of fiction books that are linked to each other, containing stories of fact, and fiction. It is a search for discovery to find out where the three Reliquiae are, fabled to be the links to God. The author's secret passion for writing a book became reality with "GODS CHAIN" and the first of the series being 'Genesis' and 'The First degree.' Nikolaus Baker was born in a place filled with history, including the enigmatic Freemasons villages and towns to the summary killing times of the Covenanters, where religious tensions in Scotland mixed with manipulation of human life, and the author incorporates this background knowledge into his writing with expertise. I highly recommend this novel to mystery lovers, who enjoy historical stories, packed with action, and adventure. The author had a craving to create a novel, where the reader would have the burning desire to step into the same shoes of a character, while contemplating survival, and his craving was fulfilled as he succeeded with perfection. What bizarre events take place in a hidden, complex world? What does Cardinal Giovanni Dalla Gassa plan to do? Where there is conspiracy, will truth be discovered? Where there is despair, will hope be found? Where there is racism, can equality be found? Is it through our weakness, where we become stronger? Follow Nikolaus Baker through this fast-paced adventure, with fascinating twists-and-turns as the pieces to the puzzle are beginning to fit one-by-one. Where there is hatred, will friendship be found? Where there is power, can there be compromise? "GODS CHAIN GENESIS: The First Degree" is as impressive as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, with Mel Gibson.

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