Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Star REVIEW~~"BORN IN SARAJEVO" Author Snjezana Marinkovic


  Inspired by Maya Angelo, author and poet Snjezana Marinkovic penned an endearing memoir, based on her personal experience on the haunting memories and devastation of war. A senseless war, filled with hatred over racism and religion. The Bosnian War caused suffering, trapping innocent people in their own prison in a battle of religious differences and ethnic identity. A young lady returns home to Sarajevo, only to become a foreigner in her own homeland, faced with struggle and loneliness. Families began to separate, friends became distant, and the outlook for Sarajevo and Yugoslavia became hopeless. The mores and values of a country once lived in with pride no longer existed. The suffering endured from the war left permanent scars in the memories of all those who survived. I highly recommend this memoir to all non-fiction lovers who enjoy stories told with a vivid imagination that tugs at the heart. The author created a Masterpiece about courage, determination, and survival, made for the movie screen. A brave young woman immigrates to the United States as her dream becomes reality in a desperate search for freedom. She tries to rebuild her life and replace what she lost, while still wishing that she could go back to a time when her country once lived in harmony. This true life story is poignant and beautifully written as it depicts a life of deprivation, blood shed, and turmoil. The outcome of fighting, caused by misunderstanding, resulted in the destruction of its own people. The families were torn apart as ethnic groups fought one another, destroying faith and hope for the future, leaving emotional scars of sadness. "BORN IN SARAJEVO" is as heartfelt as THE COURAGE TO LOVE, as entertaining as FORREST GUMP and as chilling as GETTYSBURG, with Martin Sheen.                                                                     


  1. Having gone to high school in the 1990s with a classmate who was born in Sarajevo, I always find myself drawn to books about the Bosnian War. One of my favorites is the novel 'Pretty Birds' by Scott Simon, about a fictional Bosnian teenager. It will be fascinating to read a poet's memoir...I'll add it to my must-read list.

  2. Hello Erin,
    This book is indeed Fascinating & Heartfelt. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for Visiting & Commenting!