Monday, April 9, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~~"PSYCHE'S SEARCH" Author ANN GIMPEL Helpful Review Helpful Review


Inspired after wandering through the Sierras in awe of amazing mountain scenery and traveling through the back country, combined with expertise in clinical psychology, Ann Gimpel creates another Masterpiece in her second installment of 'The Transformation Series.' The author brings us from a nightmare that Lara escapes from in "PSYCHE'S PROPHECY" to a world of destruction and escalating chaos in "PSYCHE'S SEARCH." Why is Trevor in danger, who is the missing person, and does she survive? Society is crumbling to ashes, shortage of food and fuel increases as tension builds as fast as violence in a world of turmoil and conflict, where evil attempts to rule. What did Raven do that was unusual, who could be trusted, and will Lara's psychic powers lead her to the right road? I highly recommend this incredible page-turner to all contemporary fantasy lovers, who enjoy thrilling stories, combined with suspense, and romance. Ann Gimpel creates a remarkable tale that's filled with drama, twists-and-turns, demons and chilling paranormal activity that would light up a Movie screen. How does Lara help the detective, and what was he hiding? What trap did Gradosxt set, and who will be framed? Who killed Arabel, and why did Lara move? Will sizzling romance continue for Lara and Trevor, or will evil forces remove Lara from her comfort zone? Step into a mysterious world, filled with magic, blackouts, and a crippled civilization. A world of dark forces that will bring you to places you've never been to as you are spooked by demons, trapped between reality and the unknown! "PSYCHE'S SEARCH" is as intriguing as DECEIVED, as intelligent as STIR OF ECHOES, and as thrilling as THE SKELETON KEY.

                Author/Psychologist/ANN GIMPEL                          

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