Thursday, April 19, 2012


~Award Winning Author~Alexandrea Weis
~Multi-Published Author


People come-and-go in our lives, some stay, others vanish forever. For Nicci Beauvoir, she learns the hard way about the paths she has chosen, which places her on roads she wished she never walked on. The intriguing story takes place in New Orleans, where Nicci finds passion in the arms of David, who is not only a struggling artist, but a gigolo as well. However, along with sizzling romance, Nicci also finds trouble. Her relationship with David begins to shatter and to add more fuel to the fire, she turns to Michael for comfort. Nicci's broken heart is only the beginning of the path she winds up on. The decisions she must make are based on jealousy, deceit, and tragic events. Will Nicci ever embrace her passion again? Does Michael cast a spell on Nicci? I highly recommend this compelling novel to all romantic suspense lovers. The story is beautifully written, the setting of pre-Katrina in New Orleans is picture-perfect with unforgettable characters. Fascinating cottages make you wish you were there, a hint of humor with intense suspense makes you turn the pages quickly, and the addicting story makes you crave for more. What was Nicci's dream, and what dream did her father have for her? Who took control of Nicci's life, and where did it take her? Who deceived Nicci, and who manipulated her life? Alexandrea Weis delivers a first novel as she becomes a Master storyteller that takes the reader into the sultry city of New Orleans, where we can imagine the divine atmosphere with its sights and sounds of an elite society. As the reader is drawn into the French Quarter to beauty and tranquility, the impressive work of this author has your mind filled with curiosity from beginning to end. "TO MY SENSES" is as sensual as LOVE STORY, as entertaining as UNFAITHFUL, and as dramatic as FATAL ATTRACTION.   

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