Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 Star Review~"COLD AS ICE" Author CINDY DAVIS


Paul Michael Goodwin owns his own business, Goodwin Frozen Foods. It's 1954, everything to Paul was money and for his business to boom in growth and wealth, he made a major business deal. He would become partners with David VanBuren, then plan to have his own daughter marry David.For the benefit of business, not a bad idea, for one exception, Claudia didn't like anything about David. She found him extremely boring, didn't like his attitude, nor did she enjoy going to the opera. To make matters worse, Claudia lives in an era, dominated by men, and she never won an argument with her father. At the age of nineteen, while attending college, her father informed her of his big plan. Although she was against her father's wishes, she married David anyway, because she was pregnant and thought her decision was the only choice she could make. She tries to make the marriage work, despite David's commands and demands, but deep inside, she was miserable. The drama gets hot-and-heavy when Claudia finds out that David and Max were buying a diamond mine. Who was Claudia's true love, and did she have his child? A multi-million dollar business was brewing, was Claudia happy? Who was Adam, and what kind of relationship did Claudia have with him? Was David ever aware of his brother's feelings for Claudia? I highly recommend this intriguing book to all fiction lovers, who enjoy drama, mixed with romance. Cindy Davis delivers an incredible story of love, courage, and strength. The setting fits like a glove, the characters come to life, and the drama becomes intense page-after-page. "COLD AS ICE" is as entertaining as CASABLANCA, as dramatic as REVENGE, and as romantic as THE COURAGE TO LOVE.

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