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Jane had high-hopes for her golden years at the age of fifty-eight. Shortly after becoming a winner in a radio contest, she looks at her future as she contemplates enjoying many more years of pure content. However, just a few years later, the unexpected knocks her off her feet after the loss of her husband, leaving her with financial hardship. The more she looks back, the more determined she becomes to ditch her Nursing job, and hit the road. The adventure begins as she sets out on a mission in her RV, meets new people, and receives a tempting offer that's hard to refuse. Her mission becomes much more interesting as she finds herself in places, she never imagined she would be. The further she drifted away, the more strange her road trip became. To make matters worse, she hooks-up with a mobster, finds herself flying airplanes, then meets Sadji after a plane crash. In the midst of biker gangs, hit-men, and danger on the way, was there time for romance? Was Jane paranoid, or was someone out to get her? During weird situations and dangerous encounters, did Jane grieve at loss and reflect on her life? I highly recommend this novel to all adventure lovers, who enjoy dark comedy with action and suspense, blended with a hint of romance. Jane Baskin, writer and clinical social worker, delivers a colorful Masterpiece of mystical magic and realism in one incredible adventure through the life of the main character. A widow attempts a second chance in life, after losing her best friend and everything she had in a desperate search to find the possible dream. The author takes the reader on a magical carpet ride as we laugh and cry, but also reflects on our own definition of life's expectations. A thought-provoking portrayal on humanity, being careful what you wish for, and the importance of happiness within ourselves. The reader will ponder on where we are in our lives, and where we would like to be. "JANE OF THE JUNGLE" is as enjoyable as PRIVATE BENJAMIN, as entertaining as THE KID, and as hilarious as RUNAWAY BRIDE.                          

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