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Jordan O'Malley thought she had everything in her safe world, her career as a teacher, her boyfriend, and a lovely home. However, after a breast cancer scare, she begins to realize that in reality, there was a void in her life. What she had was nice, but what she really wanted she she longed for, and her picture on life began to change drastically. She realized that her boyfriend wasn't Mr. Right, her parents were smothering her, and she missed her brother and a very close friend. Her New England life was about to be left behind as she sets out on a mission, determined to find her hero and her very dear friend. As Jordan travels cross-country to find Cam and reunite with Karin, along the way, she finds passion and happiness within herself. Her life began to change for the better as she followed her heart. Was Jordan selfish, what kind of childhood did she have, and did her boyfriend ever give her support? Jordan gave up social ties and material possessions, but did she ever break the bond with her brother? I highly recommend this incredible novel to all contemporary fiction lovers, who enjoy suspenseful stories, with a blend of romance. Holly Robinson delivers a mesmerizing page-turner with colorful characters that will make you laugh and cry, steamy romance, and an intriguing story made for the Movie screen! The author conveys that the greatest risk in life is not taking one, and the results of venturing out without any plans can indeed be extremely rewarding. This fabulous adventure is a journey of discovery, a reawakening of one brave woman, who is filled with courage and love. The addicting story is powerfully moving as the reader takes an emotional roller-coaster ride through the life of the main character. Each life-changing page of Jordan's journey portrays humanity, wit, sadness, and the importance of family and friendship. "SLEEPING TIGERS" is as touching as STEPMOM, as entertaining as NORMA RAE, and as dramatic as ERIN BROCKOVICH.

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