Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~"DIARY OF A ONE-NIGHT STAND" Award-Winning Author~Alexandrea Weis


Kara Barton is the perfect picture of happiness and success on the outside. It would be difficult to think that something was wrong in her life. After all, she was a college grad with a successful career, married to a great guy, and a mother to a delightful daughter. However, the picture of Kara deep down inside is one of sadness, insecurity, and desperation for affection. As many women reach Kara's age, it's not uncommon to feel unattractive, unloved, and taken for granted. A burning candle began to dim, and Kara turned to the flames of desire, hoping to fulfill her needs. But, the issues that drove her into the arms of the persistent, dreamboat, businessman only became worse as a one-night stand became a sensual affair. Kara's world turned upside-down as she had to face many challenges, including filing for divorce. A mid-life crisis blew her life out of proportion, and now she must answer to her husband, her daughter, and her mom. Award-winning author Alexandrea Weis delivers another suspenseful Masterpiece, made for the big screen. This intriguing story portrays sorrow, courage, and sizzling romance. What will Kara's final decision be, and does she feel that she made the right choice? This compelling story will make you laugh and cry, the setting of post Hurricane Katrina fits like a glove, and the unique characters come to life. The author's creative imagination paints passion, seduction, temptation, and mixed-emotions throughout the engaging story. Who wins the battle, and who walks away? Find out how a one-night stand that turned into an affair changed everything? Alexandrea Weis pulls no punches, her incredible stories weave so many twists-and-turns, your head will spin. But, you will also become mesmerized and addicted to the end as you crave for more as in all of her novels. "DIARY OF A ONE-NIGHT STAND" is as sensual and dramatic as 'Indecent Proposal.'



  1. Re-grow thy brain, dude, and follow me to Heaven. And, yes, you’re totally free to take whatever you desire and use it in your next novel. God bless you.

  2. Thank you Kindly for visiting & commenting. Alexandrea is a Talented author indeed. Thus far, I've read all her novels & cannot compare. In quality, they are All Outstanding. I always look forward to New Releases with Great anticipation!