Wednesday, November 14, 2012


"Another Thrilling Masterpiece!"

New York Times Bestselling author, James Patterson delivers another thrilling winner, and I'm not the least bit surprised as this page-turner aims to please! Patterson takes the reader on a breathtaking trip to NYC, Hollywood on the Hudson. A picture-perfect setting I can imagine, after living in New York forty-five years. We are watching the glitter and glamour of Hollywood's beautiful faces, hearing the excitement of movie stars as they arrive in limos, while the red carpet rolls out. Thousands of anxious fans gather as the paparazzi catches stunning and beautiful moments of the most famous people in the world. One could hear the laughter in the background, and visualize the amazing events taking place as New York's finest and most exclusive restaurants are only open for private parties for the wealthy producers and directors. An evening for the elite, which is amazing, knowing that over ten-million people reside in NYC. Special Task Force, NYPD RED, is on a high alert to cover the incredible event, knowing they cannot afford any mistakes as the entire world is watching. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as a famous producer fatally collapses, and the curtains are drawn as the horror show begins. Detective Zach Jordan, and his partner Kylie MacDonald, begin the investigation, and they both know it cannot be messy as they try to avoid errors. However, at least Zach and Kylie know each other well enough, and both are experts at crime scenes and police work, but what kind of danger will they face? As the murder is being investigated, brutal and horrific crimes are about to send New York into total chaos. Are they able to stop a psychopath in his terrifying tracks, before it's too late? A deranged killer has a nightmare planned in detail, who will survive? "NYPD RED" is as thrilling as Kiss The Girls, and as entertaining as Along Came A Spider. Highly Recommended to thriller lovers!


  1. Pretty good review. I like Patterson's books quite a lot. They're easy to get lost in and a great way to spend a weekend.

    I like the blog, too. Nice job.

  2. Thank you Kindly! James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. The only thing I regret is not being able to keep up with his books as much as I'd like to. I believe he publishes at least a dozen a year. But, I love his work, with or without a co-author. My favorite readings from him are his thrillers. But, he can basically write any genre & come out as a shining star. I recently ordered his New Release for Feb & can't wait to dive in. I'm totally addicted!