Sunday, September 14, 2014




      As the reader anticipates the long awaited sequel to After The Evil, we carefully follow the footsteps of Detective Jake Roberts and FBI profiler Mika Scott, who returns in this spellbinding mystery, packed with nail-biting suspense. Jake and Mika patiently wait for the arrival of the flight that brings Lori Powers back to the U.S. to face criminal charges, while being escorted by Interpol agents.

      More trouble begins to brew as we discover what Jared Hamilton plans to do, while the genius has only one wish that he desperately wants to come true. This intelligent young man who earned multiple PhDs, refused golden life-time career opportunities, to carry out his demented death wish of becoming a criminal. A variety of felonies, along with being a world-class hacker was only the beginning of Jared Hamilton's mysterious, pscho-dramatic journey.

      He attempts to fulfill his cravings to become an infamous serial killer, and desires to use Lori in his evil plot. Does Jared Hamilton manage to create the perfect murder? Will his death wish become reality, and who will be his next victim? 

      Cary Allen Stone delivers a taut riveting thriller in a tangled web of danger that has you on the edge-of-your-seat, until the final conclusion erupts, like hot lava from a volcano. "MIND OVER MURDER" is as haunting as Kiss The Girls, as intense as Along Came A Spider, and as chilling as Don't Say A Word. Highly recommended to readers, who enjoy intense thrillers, with suspenseful twists-and-turns.                                

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