Sunday, September 14, 2014




      A popular country blues singer, C.J. Profitt plans and arranges a visit to Prospect, to perform at a charity concert. However, C.J. has a big problem, not realizing how serious it is, until Sam Jenkins is assigned to be her bodyguard. A hater group, 'The Coalition For American Family Values' stirs up trouble, before C.J. even arrives in Prospect and in more ways than one, they don't hesitate in the least to let know that she's not welcomed.

      An out-of-the-closet lesbian and a talented career-conscious C.J. totally ignores the death threats, as she carries out her mission. A long-time friend to C.J. is the mayor, who fears for her life, along with Sam, much more than C.J. does. To make matters worse, C.J. gives Sam a hard time, making his job much more difficult than he anticipated, which adds more stress to other police matters that he needs to stay on top of.

      The tension begins for Sam, while he attempts to discover what the suspects have up their sleeves, as the death threats continue. Who winds up in the hospital, after eating poisoned Chinese food, and who was it meant for? Award-Winning mystery author Wayne Zurl, combines his expertise as a former New York Police Chief, with experience in the military, to deliver his best Sam Jenkins mysteries.

      A Masterpiece crime thriller that's perfect for a TV series drama. "PIGEON RIVER BLUES" is perfect with unique characters in a setting that fits like a glove with its Southern language, is as intriguing as The Game, as thrilling as Ransom, and as entertaining as 'Good Will Hunting.' Highly recommended to all readers who enjoy a clever mystery, with a blend of intellectual thrills, and humor.                                              



  1. Geri,
    Thank you for this glowing review. I'm pleased that you enjoyed my newest Sam Jenkins mystery.
    All the best,

  2. You are quite welcome & I found this one to be 'Outstanding' to say the least. It had my attention until the final curtains close. A real page-turner!